YouTube's best paid stars revealed – with creator, 23, who made £39m in 2021 topping the list

The highest paid star on YouTube has been revealed, the 23-year-old maker who made $ 39m in 2021 is the biggest on the list.

The platform is becoming more and more profitable for developers, with the highest paid stars earning £ 219m last year – up from 40% last year.

Forbe’s rich series on YouTube found MrBeast – real name Jimmy Donaldson – found the biggest payday in 2021. That is almost double what last year 10-year-old Ryan Kaji made in 2020.

Last year, MrBeast spent 50 hours dead alive, donated £ 7,300 to anyone who wanted to live in a snake bath, and took his Squid game, including theaters and a £ 333,000 prize.

YouTuber has also grown into a MrBeast burger, a program and menu that allows fans to order well-known food at 1,600 restaurants in the US – and has so far sold over five million sandwiches.

Brothers Jake and Logan Paul are back on the list this year, with the former taking second place.

The highest paid on YouTube in 2021

1. MrBeast – £ 39.5 million

2. Jake Paul – £ 33 million

3. Markiplier – £ 28 million

4. Rhett & Link – £ 22 million

5. Incredible – £ 20.8 million

6. As Nastya – £ 20.4 million

7. Ryan Kaji (Ryan’s World) – £ 19.7 million

8. Dude Perfect – £ 14.6 million

9. Logan Paul – £ 13 million

10. Preston – £ 11.7 million

The two were some of the biggest names on YouTube until Logan posted a video in December 2017 filmed in the Japanese jungle, popularly known as the suicide scene. The result also affected all of their channels – sponsors severed ties and YouTube shared their revenue.

The duo can now benefit from YouTube ads, but Jake – who writes more often than he does – now uses the site as a way to promote his boxing business.

Two kids make up the top ten, seven-year-old Natasha earns £ 20.4m. Nastya, who emigrated from Russia with her parents, formed a partnership with a company called Spotter, selling the rights to her old YouTube videos and protecting the rights to the new content.

Some of her biggest achievements in 2021 included a set of Halloween cake decorations as well as socializing with her best friends.

Ryan Kaji, who started on the platform at the age of four watching and playing with toys, has dropped from number one to seventh, earning £ 19.7m.

Those who are helping him run his business include former Disney boss Chris Williams. The junior maintains 31 million subscribers with a list of sales and toys.

The list was compiled based on calculated income from January 1 to December 31, 2021 and the figures are tax deductible – payments to agents, managers, and lawyers have not been deducted. Comparisons came from Captiv8, SocialBlade, Pollstar, as well as interviews with insiders.

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