YouTuber Crafts World’s Largest Xbox Series X

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A YouTuber known for DIY projects that involve making things either huge or tiny has unveiled a gigantic Xbox Series X. His latest project was inspired by Microsoft making an Xbox Series X refrigerator, so he decided to make his version even bigger. The giant console is a chonker, measuring 6.82 feet tall and weighing over 250lbs. Overall, it’s 600 times the size of a regular Series X. It’s even been declared the world’s largest Xbox by the Guiness Book of World Records. Of course it’s fully functional, and is an impressive amount of attention to detail.

YouTuber Michael Pick built the outlandishly-oversized console. He detailed the entire build process in a video. The cabinet is hand-built and features a number of high-quality touches. For example, he labeled all the expansion ports on the back of the console even though they’re non-functional. (We would have loved to see a 12 ″ tall HDMI plug though) He also created a see-through Xbox logo from resin that would be illuminated from behind when the system is powered up. He even made all the buttons on the front functional. When pressed, they connect to an arduino board that passes the signal to tiny robot arms. Those buttons then press the appropriate button on the Xbox. All of it is connected with a custom frame he 3D printed that surrounds the Xbox. The actual Xbox is accessible via a drawer on the rear of the cabinet that slides out.

Despite taking inspiration from Microsoft’s refrigerator he went way beyond that effort in terms of little details. For example, Microsoft did not bother to label anything on the back of the fridge, but he included both labels and cutouts for USB, HDMI, etc. Microsoft also did not bother giving the top of it the same curvature as the Xbox. Not Pick though; he 3D-printed custom vents and then glued them all together. He says just that part of the project took two weeks alone. The result looks absolutely perfect when compared to the Xbox Series X.

When the project was complete, he dropped it off at fellow YouTuber ZHC’s headquarters for a custom paint job. With that finalized he then donated it to the YMCA’s Youth and Teen Development Center in Atlanta, GA. Naturally, the kids were as amazed to see it in action as we were. At the end of his video he implores viewers to reach out if they work in a hospital and want to work with him in the future. The project comes in the wake of Mr. Pick making the world’s largest Nintendo Switchwhich was also donated to a children’s hospital.

Interestingly this project is the exact opposite of another console-related DIY project that went viral recently. Another YouTuber created a custom Playstation 5 Slim that is less than an inch thick. To accomplish that he removed all the hardware and placed it in a custom chassis. This required him to make the power brick external, and he also had to make an external liquid-cooling solution. Still, the results speak for themselves, as it had much lower temperatures than the rather large PS5 in standard trim.

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