US indicts founder of far-right group Oath Keepers for sedition in Capitol siege

Published on: 14/01/2022 – 09:26

The founder of the Oath Keepers right-wing group and 10 others were charged with sedition on January 6, 2021 in the US Capitol, the Department of Justice announced Thursday.

This was the first case of sedition in the case of a Capitol attack and the president’s supporters at the time Donald Trump.

Stewart Rhodes, 56, the founder and leader of the right-wing army, and another member of the organization, Ed Vallejo, were arrested early Thursday.

Nine men in a relationship with Oath Keepers have already been arrested on minor charges of aggravated assault, which was temporarily closed. US Congress, was also cited as part of a so-called anti-government plot.

“Following the election of the President of Nov. 3, 2020, Rhodes conspired with his deputies and others to forcefully oppose the implementation of the Presidential Decree by January 20, 2021,” the Justice Department said. words.

It added that, in an attempt to prevent the Congression ticket from defeating Joe Biden in the presidential election, he had devised “plans to undermine and attempt to improve the Capitol site and facilities,” it said.

When he did so, he said, some members of the Oath Keeper just sat outside Washington with weapons and ammunition, ready to bring them to the capitol as a boost if war broke out.

On social media subpoenas

They were the first of more than 725 accused of sedition, a rarely used case that changed the mindset of the conspiracy, which Republicans want to reduce.

The case was unveiled on the same day that a similar investigation into January 6 by a special committee of the House released subpoenas from the TV giants Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, all of which were used for plotting and violence, according to the committee.

The committee is trying to determine whether Trump or his party members have been involved in planning or promoting the violence, and have also provided Trump’s advisers and allies, as well as a top Republican lawmaker who joined Trump on January 6th.

Sly ideas

Rhodes has been leading Oath Keepers in public since his inception in 2009. He is a veteran of the military and a graduate of Yale Law School, and was a member of the former congressman Ron Paul, a prominent libertarian leader.

The group is simply looking at it in the belief that the federal government is growing and could be overthrown for some reason, according to a recent report by them published by the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) of the US Army in West Point. academy.

“Terrorist myths have always been a part” of their ideology, the report said, and they are often seen wearing military uniforms and armed with a number of political demonstrations, powerful demonstrations that critics say are intimidating.

The group wants to recruit people who are here as well as veterans, police and first responders. The recently downloaded system had the names of 38,000 people registered with Oath Keepers at one time.

‘Civil War’

The case also outlined the group’s preparations from text messages and chats between members from the November 2020 election until January 6.

Two days after Trump’s defeat, Rhodes summoned Oath Keepers’ leaders to secret talks and told them, “We are not going to pass without a civil war.”

He called for action, and on December 11 he told the group that if Biden became President, “it would be a bloody and destructive war … This cannot be avoided.”

Rhodes spent $ 18,000 on January 6 before the arrival of firearms, ammunition and other weapons in addition to his team’s firearms and night-vision equipment, the lawsuit said.

The case looks at how he made two “spears”, similar to war, to force him to pass through the police and go to the Capitol on January 6.

They also devised ways to create several of their own armed QRFs – which are overseen by Vallejo – to assist them from the Washington area if war breaks out.

The defendants on Thursday were jailed for 20 years on charges of sedition. Many also face other charges, such as assaulting law enforcement and disrupting Congress.


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