Thieves Raid Amazon, FedEx Train Cargo, Leave Empty Packets On Tracks



Union Pacific rail operators have seen a 160% increase in theft in Los Angeles since December 2020.


Lots of freight cars are broken into daily Los Angeles railways by thieves who take advantage of the opportunity to stop trains to steal items purchased online, leaving thousands of lost boxes and items unattended at their destination.

According to tags found Friday by an AFP team on a railway near the city center – easily accessible from nearby streets – many US e-mails and mail companies such as Amazon, Target, UPS and FedEx are involved in the theft, which have exploded in recent months.

Thieves waited until long freight trains were out of the way, and then they boarded cargo boxes, whose locks were easily broken with the help of boltsmiths.

Then they help themselves to packaging, dropping off any items that are difficult to move or resell, or very cheap, such as Covid-19 test kits, chairs or medications.

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Union Pacific rail operators have seen a 160 percent increase in theft in Los Angeles County since December 2020.

“In October 2021 alone, the increase was 356 percent compared to October 2020,” UP said in a letter to government officials, reviewed by AFP.

The outbreak was accompanied by a large number of “beatings and armed robberies of UP crew members who are carrying out their duty to transport ships,” the letter said.

The trend has recently grown with the number of Christmas-related shopping events.

According to UP figures, more than 90 vessels were destroyed each day almost in Los Angeles County in the last quarter of 2021.

To address this issue, Union Pacific says it has stepped up its surveillance systems – including drones and other detection systems – and recruited more security personnel on its missions.

Police and police have arrested more than 100 people in the last three months of 2021 for smashing and destroying Union Pacific railways.

“While the terrorists are being held and arrested, the charges are reduced to a minimum or less, and the person returns to the streets within 24 hours of being fined,” said a railway spokesman.

“Instead, terrorists brag to our police that there are no consequences,” he said.

Union Pacific wrote to the Los Angeles County attorney general’s office in late December asking them to reconsider a pardon reduction resolution enacted in late 2020 in such cases.

The official estimates that the damage caused by such theft in 2021 amounted to $ 5 million, adding that the reported losses “do not include the loss of affected customers” or the impact of Union Pacific operations and the entire Los Angeles County area. .

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