The Week in Ransomware – January 14th 2022 – Russia finally takes action

Today, the Russian government announced that they arrested fourteen members of the REvil ransomware terrorist group on behalf of US officials.

Although ransomware terrorists have been accused of “trafficking means,” the arrests are the first way in which Russia has banned the activities of ransomware terrorists operating in the country.

In addition, Russia claims to have done so on behalf of the US police, who have historically been reluctant to assist in the investigation of cybercrime.

However, some activists believe that this is the only Russia that is trying to please the USA and that future legal agreements will not be common.

Ukrainian police too built members of the ransomware function who hid at least 50 companies in the USA and Europe. However, the name of the ransomware hacker was not disclosed.

Some stories this week I find a Linux encryptor for AvosLocker ransomware application which looks VMware ESXi, a function of Night Sky ransomware using the Log4j attack, TellYouThePass returns such as the multi-ethnic threat to Golang, and this Magniber ransomware using signed APPX files infecting the victims.

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January 8, 2022

New Wasp Ransomware

dnwls0719 found a new Wasp Ransomware that adds .0.closed in addition to the saved files.

Wasp Ransomware

January 10, 2022

AvosLocker ransomware Linux version monitors VMware ESXi servers

AvosLocker is the latest redemption team that has added Linux encryption support to its latest version of malware, specifically targeted at VMware ESXi.

FinalSite: No school information has been stolen in the ransomware attack behind the pages

FinalSite today announced the results of a six-day investigation into the ransomware attack last week, saying no evidence of schools had been found or stolen by the attackers.

New version of STOP Ransomware

Jakub Kroustek found a new version of STOP ransomware that adds up .nqhd in addition.

January 11, 2022

Night Sky ransomware uses Log4j error to hack VMware Horizon servers

The Night Sky ransomware team has begun to take advantage of the CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability in the Log4j logging library, also known as Log4Shell, to acquire the VMware Horizon machine.

January 12, 2022

Magniber ransomware using signed APPX files to corrupt systems

Magniber ransomware has been detected using Windows package files (.APPX) signed and licensed downloadable malware that claims to be Chrome and Edge updates.

TellYouThePass ransomware returns as Golang threat

TellYouThePass ransomware has also come out as a Golang-based malware program, which makes it easy to track operating systems, macOS and Linux, in particular.

School has emerged as cyberattack forces APS to ban classes

The cyberattack attack against Albuquerque Public School prompted a major government crackdown on all classes in the state on Thursday and possibly Friday.

New version of STOP ransomware

PCrisk found a new version of STOP ransomware that adds up .zaqi in addition to the saved files.

January 13, 2022

Ukrainian police have arrested ransomware terrorists who hit more than 50 companies

Ukrainian police have arrested a ransomware-linked gang that attacks at least 50 companies in the US and Europe.

January 14, 2022

Russia is cracking down on REvil ransomware terrorists, seizing $ 6.6 million

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation is set to close the REvil ransomware after US officials released reports of the leader.

That’s for this week! I hope everyone has a great week!

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