The top 3 free apps to download for a smart TV

With the rise in the popularity of smart TVs, it is not surprising that researchers estimate that 51% of households worldwide will own smart phones by 2026. This percentage reaches approximately 1.1 billion households worldwide. So, what is the best thing about smart TV you ask? Well, for the sake of convenience, smart TV gives owners access to online content through their TV.

The TV also offers communication features such as voice recognition and its main secret, the ability to access a variety of programs. Another question that is posed by those who buy smart TV is, will I have the opportunity to watch live TV? The answer to this question is yes. As long as you have a working TV, live TV is still widely available, Click here for aerospace services.

Viewers are transitioning from laptops, cell phones, and tablets and continue to watch their favorite on the big screen. Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite shows on their 60-inch screen and click the button a bit !? This has not only brought more credit and popularity to smart TVs and their vendors, however, it has also increased the demand for software that smart TV offers. Here we will see the free programs that you can download on smart TV.


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Well, it would not be a matter of programming if we did not start with the world’s leading Netflix companies and the advertising platform. The growth of Netflix over the years has been huge and Netflix has evolved from a small DVD group that sells the 90s into a popular and widely used name in many families today.

The promotional project has more than 4,000 videos and less than 2,000 movies on the platform, all of which can be of all nationalities, ages, and cultures. Everyone is sure to find something they like. The app is one of the free apps you can download on smart TV however, users have to pay every month to get the content.

Netflix used to use advertising methods to give viewers a free trial for one month before subscribing to a monthly subscription, however, since they have set up their platform and most people know what to expect, the service is no longer required or offered. Luckily, if you bought a smart TV, you have a Netflix account, which is why, it’s an easy way to download free software, log in, and enjoy your favorite movies.

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The platform is one that most people want to watch for free and it is a platform that we believe is the closest to reality. Sometimes viewers love raw entertainment and this is the place to find it. YouTube features content from users around the world, where many people share their lives through the app.

While you can watch the videos, videos, and notes on the program that you can also find on Netflix, YouTube gives you the opportunity to connect, and watch real-time events that viewers choose to record and broadcast around the world, which can be great. fun.

To find YouTube, we advise you to subscribe to the app and create a profile just as you would on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and more. This gives you the opportunity to sign up for your loved ones and make sure video ideas what appears to be relevant to you, your interests, and your viewing history. This is very helpful because YouTube is a great platform. Here’s the bonus… YouTube is one of the free apps you can download on smart TV that is free everywhere! So, getting a download, you will not regret it.


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If you love music or podcast more than a video or video geek then this is your app. Spotify is still one of the most popular music streaming software to date due to its versatility and easy availability.

You have two options with Spotify, you can use it as a free service or pay a monthly subscription. The free service allows users to find music, however, they can only select and often skip music. This may be appropriate for someone who just wants to use the app from time to time. The premium service Spotify offer is an option for many users to choose to take. Users can take advantage of the free trial for 30 days before paying a UK fee of £ 9.99 per month.

For music lovers, we believe this is essential! The Premium interface allows users to access all of the content within a simple button and in addition, they can create playlists for use by themselves and others, and are customized by a variety of artists, genres, and music at all times depending on their preferences. listening to history. As one of the leading free software downloads for smart TVs, Spotify can be praised as services don’t always have to come at a price.

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