Testé: la compétition X4 M 2022 de BMW est riche en couple et rigide

Appelez-nous Abe Simpson, car les BMW X4 M 2022 nos ont transformés en gaffers criant après les nuages. Nous savons that the marker exits the SUV and complements it with the division M of BMW aime construire des machines de performance axes on the piston incroyablement capables. There is more and more of the models that are portable in terms of M complet. Comme and X4.

If you do not, you will be able to use the six-and-a-half compact 3.0-liter double-compressor of the compact X4 M component, which will develop 503 chevaux (30 chevaux de plus que le X4 M ordinaire). The performance of the six-cylinder engine in the S58 BMW line is an absolute absolute justification for the rouge of 7200 tr / min. Et pour 2022, the engine of the X4 M Competition at 81 595 $ bénéficie d’un couple supplémentaire de 37 lb-pi (le X4 M à 74 595 $ voit un saut de couple de 15 lb-pi).

Avec 479 live version of the torsion, the X4 M Competition has been created with a more advanced performance. By reporting on the X4 M 2020 competition which will test the fines of 2019, the 2022 torque model will have a 0,2 second chance of escaping from 5 to 60 mph and 30 to 50 mph du SUV, competitions with 4,4 et 2 templates , 5 secondes, respectivement. The 3.0 second course of 50 70 70 mph, the same amount, has a margin of 0,1 second per report for the 2020 homologue, only to complete the 3.2 second course at 60 mph.

Bien sûr, the automotive transmission of high speed intuitive reports reports of the X4 M and the process of interaction frequency in the reaction rate is a certain degree for certain chiffres, car and premier couvre le décalage initial des turbos, tandis que le second assure lance avec peu de drame. If you have an intravenous traction, the VUS bossu est suffisamment puissant pour faire legeèrement paneer ses pneus avant lors des lancements à plein regime.

HIGHS: Six cylinders in the language and language, adhérence abondante, apparence améliorée.

Recommendation for the Driver package of the Driver de 2500 M $, not compétition X4 M culmine at 177 mph. For more information on the implementation of the 22 mph speed limit, the functionality complies with the course of the competition at the Performance Center of BMW.

After the launch of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S of the 21st, our Sao Paulo Yellow Bimmer worked at 0.96 g on the map – the number of people affiliated with Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 2021 that has been tested for months ‘un an. Malgré son adhérence prodigieuse, le poids à vide de 4555 livres et le center de gravité élevé du X4 M le handicapent sur des tronçons de tarmac plus serpentins. Not only will the X4 M 2022 component of the Lightning Lap 2022 launch event at the Virginia International Raceway at an impressionnant 3: 02,9, if it has a M3 Competition xDrive 2022 plus more than 600 lifts – it will use the group size. motopropulseur que le le X4 M Competition – a fait l’acte dans un superbe 2: 53,5.

Pourtant, the pure foam compression X4 M is a frozen part. Démarrez l’accélérateur d’un coin avec le système de traction intégrale regére léglé sur son mode Sport à polarisation arrière et l’extrémité arrière de la BMW encombrante sortira pour un bref survirage contrôlé. Introduce yourself to a virage serà à un clip décent et la roue arrière intérieure se soulèvera, transformant cette variante X4 haute puissance en un trépied temporaire. In the second half, the M3 and M4 in the outdoor games are secured to other routes, but the X4 M Competition is the best thing to do in the real world.

To move in the direction of the flexible rapport, which is a little more flexible in the center of Confort mode, which is not the same artifacting process as the rest of the Sport and Sport Plus. The largest freestyle of the equator beaucoup tropical deck and bases have a decent holder for the upper tropical tropics on the 15,6 pouces and 14,6 pouces. Une fois que le système de freinage commence à chauffer, l’action de la pédale devient plus progressive.

The main points of the X4 M Competition are always the performance of the pistol, traversing the airway for the arrival of the SUV at 70 mph in 154 days at the base, a full crash at Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing 2022, for which 7 pieds de plus que la projection de 147 pieds de la compétition X4 M 2020.

FAIBLES: Continuous intuitive rigide, action of the freebies of the bank, plus moche and moins practically X3 M.

In the case of the fastback link and long-term fax archive, it does not provide the maladroites proportions (for which the specifications of exacerbent entries are incorrect), the extrusion resolutions of the X4 M ameliorent nettement l’aparence du mod. Criticism of the plots plus mice of 0,4 pouce, descriptive avant et arrière retravaillés avec des finitions noir brillant et une conception de calandre révisée moins porcine. In other words, we have proven ourselves to have the style plus car X3 M a unique design, which is the perfect conception architectural and harmonious that you offer in the space of the supermarket supplantment of cubes cubes.

The X4 M transformation extensions will not be the subject of interrogation that comprises a table of vertebrae to have a tactile size of 12.3 packs – 2.0 pouces plus a preexisting unit – exposing the permanent configuration of the enhancement BMW and a group of 12,3 numeric groups of people have a unique user interface. In addition, the cabin comprendu de nuvelles commandes de climatisation e en console centrele masi à jour qui abrite le bouton de démarrage / arrêt et diverses commandes liées au mode de conduite. As the transmission received a new level of visibility, the unit continued on the console to continue the maximum queue function, the maritime architecture was located at the same time and at the lower position of the vertebrae.

Certainly active corporate appointments, such as the monitors of the mortgage and the system of distribution of the voyage, the division of the sect on the X4 M. for the profession of professionalism in the $ 1700 area – a supplement not tested for $ 86,3155 in the past. Nous estimates que ces articles devraient être de série sur un véhicule aussi cher.

We are not going to be chauffets at the age of absenteeism from the list of standard carriers. BMW regroups with the Executive Package at $ 2250, which comprises a volumetric shift, the extensions of the chauffeurs’ premises, an unidentified portfolio, a camera system of 360 degrees, descriptions of automotive station and command systems gestuel moyennement fiables pour la configuration de l’infodivertissement.

Pourtant, c’est la configuration de suspension sévère de ce X4 axé sur les performances qui nous a le plus exaspéré. In addition to the amortisseurs adaptatifs offrent trois modes au choix (Confort, Sport et Sport Plus), you will find that the parameters are determined to improve the suspension of the X4 M Competition on the routes of accidents. If you want to get the best results before the X4, you will have a chance to do so.

In addition to the division M of BMW devours the size of the SUV in a directional component of specificity. The X4 M Competition is the latest in a series of engineers in a unique sports space on the pie. At the end of the day, it is possible for a person to have an identical relationship with one another, and to be inspired by the government: a vicar capable of winning the coup over the most popular rhetoric of the rally and the rally routes. Like the Ford F-150 Raptor and its features and démontrent, the performance features and the suspension configuration and compression are not compromised.

Cela dit, nos nous contenterions également d’un X4 M qui suit en grande partie le mod model du SUV actuel, mais échange le reglage de suspension inflexible pour une configuration plus indulgente. This is the absolute prioritization of the last few millimeters of time in the tour, all interspersed to be served by the M3 and M4. Ou, a new name: options for the X3 M40i plus performant (with a total of 23 000 $ moins cher), to use the capacity of 4400 lifespours for the service of the E30 and in other parts of the routiers prefectures. But after moving about 100 km / h with rapidement, you can see more beaucoup plus a lot for the driver.



Competition BMW X4 M 2022

Product type: avant engine, traction intégrale, 5 places, hayon 4 portes


Base / tel que testé: 81 595 $ / 86 345 $
Options: Forfait conductor M, 2 500 $; Exclusive group (size and volcanic chairmanship and architecture, high school coverage, recharge d’Apareils sans fil, recovery camera, aide au stationnement), 2 250 $


6 cylinders and 24 ounces soupapes with double turbocompresseur and refroidisseur intermediate, bloc and culvert in aluminum, injection direct carburant
Déplacement: 183 po32993 cm3

Puissance: 503 ch à 6250 tr / min
Couple: 479 lb-pi à 2 750 tr / min


Automatic à 8 reports


Suspension, avant / arrière: entretoises / multibras
Freins, avant / arrière: disque ventilé de 15.6 po / disque ventilé de 14.6 po / disque perforé de 14.6 po
Pneus: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

F: 255 / 40ZR-21 (102Y) ★

R: 265 / 40ZR-21 (105Y) ★


Empattement: 112.8 po
Longueur: 187.5 po
Largeur: 75.9 po
Hauteur: 63.8 po
Volume of passagers: 96 pieds3

Volume de chargement: 24 pieds3

Poids in length: 4 555 lb


100 km / h: 3,2 s
100 mi / h: 8.0 s
1/4 of a mile: 11.6 s à 119 mph
210 km / h: 14,5 s
240 km / h: 22.0 s
The results of the dessus omettent un an expansion of 1 pied of 0.2 s.

Démarrage lancé, 5 à 100 mph: 4,4 s
Vitesse supérieure, 30 à 50 mph: 2.5 s
Vitesse supérieure, 50 à 70 mph: 3.0 s
Vitesse maximale (réclamation du fabricant): 177 mph
Freinage, 70–0 mph: 154 pieds
Freinage, 100–0 mph: 300 pieds
Tenue de route, Skidpad 300 pi: 0.96 g


Observé: 19 mpg
Conditions for rent at 75 mi / h: 24 mi / gal

Portrait of the tourist: 410 mi


Combiné / Ville / Autoroute: 17/15/20 mpg


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