Solving the challenges of liquidity, why being first to market could be a massive advantage, Nick Cote, Marsbase

We catch up with Nick Cote, founder of Marsbase to learn about his promising solution to the challenges of liquidity by creating a new way to access it. We ask him why now, why his team has the ability to make this work, and what impact the current state of the market will have on this project. Nick was also recently at recent high profile crypto events in Texas and NYC and we discuss his take on current trends and opportunities to watch out for.

Solving the challenges of liquidity, Nick Cote, Marsbase

Nick Cote (CEO) – Nick has been entrenched in the crypto space since 2012, joining the 1Broker / 1Fox team in 2013 and growing the CFD / to over 100,000 users. In 2015, he started and currently manages a primarily institutional-focused OTC network for digital assets.

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More about Marsbase

Marsbase is the first decentralized secondary market, a defi OTC desk. We’ve built this as an infrastructure project, we believe that we’ve created a new alternative source of liquidity by concentrating liquidity of large orders in one place and becoming the platform for OTC in crypto.

Our platform works through bid auction deals and discount model orders – this type of functionality perfectly covers our niche.

Additionally, we are moving towards becoming the first compliant marketplace of unvested tokens and equity.

Marsbase Mission

-trading without slippage price

-Decentralized OTC deals

-Available for whales & retail investors

-Best coin offers with discount prices

-Full ERC-20 coin range

Marsbase opens access to 2 types of OTC trades with a choice of 150 currency pairs, as well as a launchpad for projects with vesting and the ability to resell vesting tokens.

We have combined all this in a single marketplace for all market participants, lowering the threshold for entering OTC deals literally to satoshi and providing tools for managing the reputation.

Moreover, the MBASE native OTC token of the Marsbase platform, as well as staking and farming will make your trading experience as profitable as possible. You will be able to receive cashback from your transactions and instantly calculate the profit from transactions on Marsbase.

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