‘Scream’ Hitting Loud Pitch With $36M 4-Day, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Surging Past ‘Black Panther’

Saturday AM UPDATE: Reset for more details as well chart…We can complain about Omicron, but I would not mind that this change is ruining the box office as well. Most importantly/Spyglass Media‘s Shouting I had my first strong day $ 13.3M on the way to a $ 31.5M 3-day is $ 36M 4 days at 3,664 exhibition space. Beaten for those 4 days Mother, high-end rear-opening horror movie on MLK, and all Shouting3 days is not far from its next opening, Crying 2 which made $ 32.9M back in 1997 and Crying 3 which made $ 34.7M back in 2000.

Shouting received B + CinemaScore by PostTrak listeners giving them 79% positive and 61% approval. The picture played very well in the East, West, and Southwest, with 20 places we hear of earning $ 25K + on the first day, which is pretty good. Audience accounted for 56% of males, about 80% under the age of 34, indicating that the film is a favorite of teenagers. The largest show was 25-34 years at 36%. The ethnic groups were 38% Caucasian, 36% Latino and Hispanic, 14% Black, & 12% Asian / others.

Sony will show its statistics soon, but many are watching Spider-Man: No Return Home kudina kale $ 705M after the weekend break, which would make the 4th highest ever film at the home box office, besting Black Pantherand $ 700M.


FRIDAY AND: Paramount-Spyglass Media’s Shouting products $ 3.5M from Thursday night’s show that started at 7pm at a venue of about 3,000 exhibitors.

It is the perfect match for the horror movie during the plague, walking backwards Halloween Gives You and Secure Place Part IIThursday night, which was $ 4.8M each, not too far behind the MLK epidemic last week. Glass, which amounted to $ 3.7M in 2019. Glass saw three days of $ 40M, but not going to do it Shouting to that title of M. Night Shyamalan yet, based on the immutability of movie lovers during the plague.

Jenna Ortega in “Scream”.
Most importantly

The next resumption under Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett is undoubtedly the only place to shoot until Feb. 4, together with any remaining dollars. Spider-Man: No Return Home climb inside; that’s when Lionsgate has Roland Emmerich’s Fall of the moon and Paramount has it Jackass Forever. That is the hope Shout, with a rotten Tomato Opposition 76% and an audience of 90%, they can go through anything in the $ 20M for four days. This could be a good start to a holiday in the epidemic market; The highest-profile opening of the weekend for MLK for the horror movie to be Universal Mother, which made $ 32.1M in 2013. The grand opening of the horror video during the plague is for Universal / Blumhouse / Miramax’s. Halloween is here, which made $ 49.4M back in October. This was with the presence of the daily Peacock house built, as well as the fact that many blockbusters are back in the movies. Halloween Gives You lacked $ 100M and $ 92M stateside.

Kevin Williamson On ‘Scream’s Fresh Blood, Wes Craven & Possible’ Dawson’s Creek ‘Repeat:’ Hero Nation ‘Podcast

Paramount and Spyglass Media are funded Shouting at $ 24M before P&A.

In addition to last night, Paramount did a Shouting Opening the Night Fan Event at the world theater, featuring live Q&A with actors David Arquette, Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett and Shouting Senior producer and producer Kevin Williamson, as well as pre-recorded talent introductions and an additional bonus featuring new players with background images. The event took place at 5 pm PT, 7pm CT and 8pm ET at the exhibition center.

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Beats 'Star Wars: Force Awakens' opens box office'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Beats 'Star Wars: Force Awakens' opens box office


Sony / Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Return Home he entered $ 2.1M Thursday at the 4,012 exhibition, -4% from Wednesday from the end of week 4 onwards $ 677.95M. The video directed by Jon Watts will be the fifth richest movie in the box office today, when it passes in 2018. Avengers: Infinity War, which amounts to $ 678.8M. Disney / Marvel’s Black Panther is like the fourth-largest movie theater with $ 700.4M.

In second place was Illumination / Universal’s Sing 2 is a comparison $ 555K Thursday, + 3%, for total running until the end of Week 3 of $ 111M.

Another big release this week is Gkids’ Belle instead of 1,300. The video opened Wednesday in the 130th theater, growing to 995 pages and counting in two days. $ 335K. Pic will play in 40 Imax halls this weekend as well as venues such as The Landmark in LA, BAM in NYC and The Roxie in San Francisco.

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