Operation Zeta: Adventure and Annihilation Abound

We are happy to announce Operation Zeta, our third game in Inevitably nature. Being in the same galaxy as its galaxies, the game was a new shape for us; game of jaunty rogue-lite, space action. In this section, you will visit the warzone of Operation Zeta (a failed battle against an empty galaxy enemy: destroyers) and ten minutes to rebuild the wreckage of a ship that was wrecked and to escape imminent death …


Stress exists! beating the clock by knowing a number of dangerous boss battles and puzzles of its time. Along the way, you will meet many zany NPCs whose inquiries will help you rebuild your ship. Edit and open 13 characters each with their own stories and pros. As you progress, you will discover the history of a great war. What sparked the war? Which groups divide the galaxy? And who are these dangerous purrates (kitty space pirates) who steal your ship’s equipment?

It was important to me that the world feels very different and stable on every game. Each time the loop is restarted, the random shape changes completely. Badges, objects, sections, planets and quotes will also change to change your view of the galaxy.

One of the deepest aspects of this game is the real-life drag experience that you experience while playing. As a longtime science lover and actor, I have played many foreign sports. Mu Operation Zeta, my goal was to make space rather than foundation. By using the right equations of gravity, I was able to have a very clear space – with an impossible group of very beautiful characters (like my cat Louie).

picture of the worldpicture of the world

Destruction is a tremendous journey Operation Zeta. I’ve always dreamed of making a game on my preferred game, the Xbox. I really enjoyed creating this project, and I hope you enjoy playing it too! Check it out now at the Xbox store.

Xbox LiveXbox Live

Operation Zeta

SFS Studios LLC


$ 9.99

Operation Zeta is an aerobics game. The great battle called ‘Operation Zeta’ is lost. Your ship is in danger and you need to take immediate action to collect all the components and repair your ship before it is destroyed by the enemy of laser death. Play and unlock 13 characters that can be played from monkeys in the sky to evil slugs each with their own skills and challenges. Also unlock new skills and upgrade with the credits you get each running time. Every time you play the skies are made randomly from the newcomers who have stolen parts of your ship. All in the physics battlefield, but be careful as you only have ten minutes until laser death burns!

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