Microsoft records 400% Teams growth by frontline workers during the pandemic

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Announcing new developments for empowering future employees




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Microsoft has seen a 400% increase in monthly use of its Teams affiliate platform among forward employees since March 2020.

According to the report of the Work Trend Index Special Report “Technology Can Help Open a New Future for Employees,” two billion global employees represent 80% of the global workforce, while 88% of employers’ organizations are ahead. Companies are heavily marketing digital tools for frontline employees to improve workflow, improve performance, and improve social and workplace connectivity.

The Work Trend Index report revealed major data affecting almost every segment of the workforce:

  • A culture of caring for new investments up front: 76% of employees feel connected, yet more than 60% say their company needs to prioritize culture and communication from the top. In addition, 51% of those in non-forward positions do not feel valued as employees
  • Future employees are at risk: Future employees cite good pay and benefits, stability in working life, and flexibility as reasons for considering changing jobs.
  • Expectations of technology are high: 63% of future employees are happy with the job opportunities that technology creates and technology is the third on the list of things that employees say can help reduce workplace stress.
  • There is an opportunity to address technical and educational differences: 46% of future employees feel compelled to adapt to new technologies or to fear dismissal – but 55% say they had to learn new technologies by flying, untrained or practicing.

The company is bringing new offerings with industry partners as well as technology designed to support future employees at Teams and Viva, a Microsoft employee platform launched in early 2021.

Microsoft is developing its partnership with Zebra Technologies Corp., a global leader in digital technology solutions, including software and tools such as Android smartphones for future employees. The two companies are offering the Teams Walkie Talkie program on various Zebra laptops, plus a dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) button to access Teams Walkie Talkie functionality on Zebra devices. In addition, Teams Walkie Talkie digital PTT is now available on all iOS devices including Android.

“It’s no secret that the epidemic is making a comeback for all workers, and even more quickly than we have seen,” said Emma Williams, vice president of corporations Microsoft. “Empowering future employees remains crucial to digital transformation. Together with our partners, we are preparing future employees with tools that allow them to connect with their team and corporate leadership while focusing on customers or their work. to improve the quality of service delivery and to improve performance and to improve the quality of work and communication in the workplace. ”

In addition, Microsoft Cloud for Retail will be available from February 1st. Microsoft Cloud for Retail facilitates business growth by providing reliable solutions for retailers that integrate with existing retail systems. It starts with integrating different data sources on the way to the end of the customer, allowing vendors to increase the value of their data, which allows consumers to be fully exposed.

When connected, data and AI help marketers understand and elevate what consumers buy. By providing the necessary and flexible experience in high value markets, retailers are able to create a more sustainable approach. The solution also includes the power of Groups and Viva announced today, both working to empower their retailers.

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