Meet the New Faces of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

While there are a lot of Nintendo Switch exclusives to look forward to, one highly anticipated game coming out this year is Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The third game is set in a whole new world with its own kind of lore, and the latest teaser gives us a look at Noah, Mio, and their friends.

Check it out:

Here’s the official description:

Join Noah and Mio, members of the two opposing nations of Keves and Agnus, on a heartfelt journey through a rich open world to end the cycle of violence. A group of six characters from these nations join together to awaken the colonies of Aionios and expose the true threat both nations face. Traverse massive, fantastical landscapes as you learn how this game connects to the larger Xenoblade Chronicles ™ story.

Command six characters and seamlessly enter real-time, RPG combat

All six of your core party members jump into action against enemies, auto-attacking with their distinct arts and weapons. Position your team to take advantage of Arts and maximize damage and debuffs. Pairs of characters can Interlink to form a mighty Ouroboros capable of taking down the most threatening enemies with powerful Arts.

As the title suggests, this third entry in the franchise will seemingly link the world of all three games in the Xenoblade universe. We don’t know exactly how that’s going to happen, but I can imagine it’s going to deal with some kind of alternate dimension / timeline / parallel universe — however Final Fantasy/Gundam managed to pull it off when they wanted all of their timelines to be canon.

Despite not telling a completely linear story, I think that allows for just anyone to jump in on the action of the Xenoblade games without worrying about playing the previous entries. Maybe this could be the perfect entry point or anyone unfamiliar with the franchise.

For more info on Xenoblade Chronicles 3you can watch the full panel here.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launches on July 29 for the Nintendo Switch.

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