McKean Tries (and Fails) to Explain Away Rape Remarks

Junior House Leader Hugh McKean

Like us identified in this space earlier in the week, Minor House Leader Hugh McKean (R-Louisville) used vulgar language to disregard the requirements of democratic law by communicating with them on the radio. Speaking about his opposition to democratic support to increase travel aid, McKean said Democrats were “just raping the people of Colorado.”

McKean’s comments rightly angered many Democrats, including State Sen. Faith Winter and State Rep. Matt Gray, the last who went straight out of the rooms of the House Wednesday at McKean’s opening day address.

Monga The Colorado Sun reports in his newspaper “Unaffiliated”, McKean is now trying to explain why it is not a big deal that he used the word rape in foreign words:

“I meant that the people of Colorado feel like money is being taken out of their pockets,” McKean said, calling his use of rape a “misunderstanding.” McKean then picked up one of the weakest points you could use in any way – from lazy papers to misconceptions: Quoting words in a dictionary.

“There are three meanings,” McKean said of the term “rape.” “The final meaning is the theft. That’s exactly Webster’s interpretation of that word. [Pols emphasis] I wish the political system was better. ”

When asked if he could use different languages ​​in the future based on other definitions of “rape,” McKean said “yes, I can use a better word.”

He says: “When we are in the middle of a conversation, I sometimes like to use kind words that do not cause discord.

First, there was no “disagreement” from McKean’s words. It was because McKean’s comments made it clear that there was a backlash from his speech.

On the other side of his excuse… yes, friends, most words have several meanings. The word “banana” may be a derogatory term for a person (or thing) that seems crazy; can also refer to the group of yellow fruits that grow on trees.


There are also other words that are only at all they are used in the same category, and “rape” is on that list. When was the last time you had a conversation with someone who used the word “rape” to talk about stealing? We think the answer would be, “Never.”

To use another example, via Merriam-Webster, the word “pig” can mean a sweet animal; a dirty, filthy, or filthy person; a prostitute; police; or “to make metal (like metal).” If you call someone a “pig,” you might be inclined to call them “useless metals” rather than “disgusting people,” but no working person would ever acknowledge that fact instead of apologizing.

McKean did not apologize for claiming that Democrats “rape” the people of Colorado, in part because the wing of the hand likes this kind of talk and McKean is eager to prove what he does with extremists. Instead, McKean does not respond to this because he thinks he has made a mistake – it is because he is constantly being harassed by his friends and the media.

Unfortunately, McKean’s response is an insult to the wisdom of everyone who hears it.

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