Jamie Lynn Spears Shares Cryptic Post About The ‘Truth’ After Britney Calls Her A ‘Scum Person’

It seems Jamie Lynn Spears could not shoot back Britney Spears!

Just 40 hours after the 40-year-old singer described her younger sister as “an ugly person,” Zoe 101 alum took to him Instagram stories to show concern for the show by sharing confidential, confidential information. He read:

No one harms your reputation more than anyone who fears that you will tell people the truth.

(c) Jamie Lynn Spears / Instagram

The two sit between a civil war last week when Jamie Lynn promoted the upcoming book, Things I Have to Say. Their feud began after a 30-year-old player appeared Good Morning America, ku he reveals about his current relationship by Britney and said she would rather look at being a mother at the age of 17 than take care of her sister.

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However, this did not please him Toxins artist who will soon he uttered what was “troublesome” to him of Jamie Lynn’s comments on Twitter:

“She was not with me 15 years ago at the time …. how come she is discussing that unless she wants to sell a book for my money ??? TRUE ??? Then when the woman mentioned why she accused you of making remixes of her songs … Sounds like a silly thing to most people but I wrote a lot about my music and my sister was a kid.She never worked on anything.

But that still did not stop Sweet magnolias a star talking about him! Recently, Jamie Lynn said Night Britney often displayed a “confusing, pointless and circular” behavior before becoming a supervisor, recalling the time the singer locked them in a room carrying a knife. Following the interview, Britney called Jamie Lynn continue to spread “crazy lies” about him to raise up his new book, saying:

“Jamie Lynn… thank you baby! You have descended to a new level of EARTH… I have never been with you with a knife or I would think so !!! One knife I’ve ever seen is at home and cut the biggest pieces of squash I’ve ever seen in my life and it was too big for me to cut… Please stop with these crazy lies of Hollywood books! NOW and NOW I just know that only a rude person can do things like this for someone else. ”…

No! It does not appear that the dispute between the sisters will end soon. Recent Ideas, Perezcious readers? Leave them in the comments (below).

[Image via Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram, Britney Spears/Instagram]

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