Illuvium | How to Get Started | Ultimate Beginners Guide for Filipinos

Illuvium is an AAA play-to-ear game built on the Ethereum blockchain. This non-fungible token role (RPG) game was inspired by Pokémon where you can collect Illuvials and use them in battle. Illuvials are strange-looking creatures that can be collected using Shards across game levels.

Imagine being on earth following a traumatic event and how your spacecraft crashed through the difficult terrain. In time, you realized that you were not alone in this world. Transformed creatures called Illuvials roam with godlike power from Shards of silver. Once you realize that the world can be the beginning of your development, you will use Shardswa to guide and collect 100+ species of Illuvials as you explore and discover many places in the world.

Iluvium Games


This is a free game mode where you can get the game. You have to travel around the world to catch and collect Illuvials. There are rare Illuvials you may encounter but the chances of catching them vary and may change from time to time.

As you explore further, you can also dig up weapons and harvest fruits to upgrade your weapons, making you a stronger and more competitive player on the battlefield with players. Your weapons may be lost during the search, but they can be recovered using items.


Now for the competitive players out there, after you have collected your Illuvials and formed your team with a good alliance, you can challenge players randomly at Ranked Arena in battle to see who their team is stronger. Winning matches will cost you a $ sILV or Synthetic ILV token. It is a game changer that we will discuss a little more as you continue to read.

You can reconnect or advertise with your friends through the Leviathan Arena just for fun. Nothing to gain from it. However, some players can watch your battles and the interesting part is, they can play on game results. It is a great way to burn the game money and it also serves as another way to earn money.

Mining and Harvesting

To make your personality stronger, your game drone can be used to search for booty while on the move. You can collect gemstones, uncut fences, and missing gemstones. These items can be made into weapons and armor by combining weapons and power. You can also sell these items on IlluviDEX, an online marketplace, for a whopping $ sILV. Fruits can also be harvested to add extras to your Illuvials at war or to cure them instead of going to their place as a hospital, where the wounded Illuvials cool slightly, called the Sanctum Mesa. There is a healing charge, by the way, and it is called Illuvium Revival.

What Illuvials Are and How to Get Them

This is a great NFT that you can use to fight the battle. Some of these creations are easy to find while others are very rare so you can have a chance when you find them. There are over 100 Illuvials you can find in this game and everyone has unique skills. It has a Hybrid Synergy System that allows the technology to continue in battle. Meaning, another skill compliments Illuvial’s ability to create a better chance of winning the game.

If you have a lot of Illuvials, you can combine them to make them more powerful, even if they belong to a different group or type of Illuvials.

There are five elements used to divide the Illuvials: water, fire, Earth, air and the universe. You can also create something better by putting it together. For example, if you combine air color with water color, you will find the fifth color Illuvial. Imbues are used to add to these creations.

Where to Buy Illuvium Products like Illuvials and Shards?

IlluviDEX, or Illuvium Decentralized Exchange, operates as a market run by Iluvium DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). It is a marketplace for NFTs players, such as Illuvials, and other players. Game items such as shards, armor, weapons and imbues can also be sold here.

What is ILV Tokens

The sign associated with Illuvium is ILV and it is not necessary in the game. It is an ERC20 brand on the Ethereum blockchain.

The three main functions of ILV are:

Authority – With ILV, you can be a part of Illuvinati Council. You can participate in the voting process if you need to make changes to improve the game and the community as a whole.

Liquidity mines – You can be part of the distribution room if you install ILV and return, you will receive an additional ILV reward if you continue to install.

Vault distributions – This means that once the game is up and running, you can have your share of earnings by setting up ILV.

You can buy ILV at SushiSwap to get the best price because SushiSwap is the official pool of Illivium. Use may trigger Staking when you connect your wallet to the official Illuvium page.

On the other hand, the $ sILV or Synthetic ILV token can be used to buy sports items and heal shards. By setting ILV, you can also get this signal.

By Illuvium and DAO

Illuvium has its own organization that oversees the entire process. The DAO, Illuvinati Council, is made up of people with ILV. There will be people elected to lead the elections and vote for a change in the project.

Kudos to the Illuvium DAO by blocking some of the events that took place in late 2021 when a security breach in their Discord server occurred and a multi-million dollar ILV was taken from the holders of the ILV. Developers were able to identify flaws in their intelligent design and prevent further exploitation. The owners were paid.

In the meantime, granting or granting people the right to have ILV is about to await its type 2 (V2). For more information, see theirs change.

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