Henderson thrilled as Fisher scores

Mr. Fisher took advantage of the opportunity to go down in the classroom to do well in the Coral Silviniaco Conti Chase in Kempton.

Eight-year-old Nicky Henderson had a much easier time than on his last trip to the Sunbury track, when he was pulled into the King George VI Chase on Boxing Day.

A former winner of two courses, Mr. Fisher managed to do three and do well at two and a half miles.

James Bowen was thrilled to be in third place when Rogue Vif and Eldorado Allen set the course with only one runner, Defi Du Seuil, the last of the four.

Based on a straight line with three jumping fences, Mr. Fisher (beloved between 15-8) was soon ready to challenge Eldorado Allen Rouge Vif when he faltered.

Mr Fisher led the way to the finish line and was not pressured to achieve a height of three quarters, receiving 12-1 from 20-1 from Betfair to Ryanair Chase, and Coral to 16-1.

“That was his competition. It was made for him the day it was set in the program manifesto – except for the floor, because he has always been a little at risk on a regular basis,” Henderson said.

“I think the place is a bit awkward, but with Falco (Blitz, a card winner) with him, we walked all the way that Barney (Clifford, the course clerk) told me to do about three days ago.

“He was very good, but he was a very good horse. If you remember the last race in Sandown last year, when he looked like he had found Frodon, and Frodon came back and beat him on the line – that’s where he found him. He’s alive. He’s up there in high echelon .


“I think two and a half miles is probably his trip … I know he ran a good race at King George because it was his first trip of the season and he came out on top really well. You could say, ‘Or was he a hard worker?’ ).

“I wouldn’t be in a hurry to get back three miles. He had a Gold Cup entry, but I think Ryanair is more real than anything else.

“This was a competition designed for him. If Ryanair was on the right track, he would be a competitor. Aintree would be next. If there was nothing in between, you would be ready to do more. He could do it. and flying in high competition.

“We think he’s very high, he’s always been. I love him, he’s a beautiful horse.”

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