Halo Infinite is getting improved anti-cheat detection, BTB hotfix [updated]

[Update – January 14 @ 2:30 PM ET]: Earlier today, 343 Industries CEO, Brian Jarrard, sent updates on the Big Team Battle (BTB) hotfix at Halo Waypoint Square. According to Jarrard, Halo Infinite has found the BTB hotfix “mid-next week.” To fix that problem, 343 offers 5 XP Boosts and 5 Challenge Swaps for all players once hotfix is ​​set. There will also be a patch in mid-February, with more coming soon.

The first article, published on January 11, is as follows.

It didn’t take long for them to start producing cheats Hello Infinite. I am Shooter 343 Industries with the freedom to play, another deception is to be expected. Koma Unlimited has suffered greatly in this department. Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with an ingenious solution to this problem Hello Infinite. Along with the story, the game is also getting hotfix due to the long-running Big Team Battle – or BTB – mode.

As written by Community Director Brian Jarrard on approved Hello circles, anti-fraud reforms are coming. The manufacturer claims that fraud cases have been identified, and that 343 Industries “have been operational by mid-Feb.”

Jarrard also explains why players wait for the patch. Match production has “other dependencies” that can interfere with game play.

In addition, the BTB hotfix is ​​active and should hit live servers soon. This hotfix will deal with a number of issues with game consoles including random connections and the difficulty of joining social media.

Cheating is inevitable

This is not the first time that an employee at 343 Industries has raised the issue of anti-beat. Hello Infinite. In the past, HelloThe group’s general manager, John Junyszek, also contributed comments on Twitter. Titter, released in November, explained that cheating is a natural part of supporting free PC games. However, Junyszek wrote that he and the rest of the team were “ready and willing” to deal with them as best they could.

Definitions of UnlimitedAnti-Cheat detection is not known but it is not thought to be effective. Amazing, Hello: The Master Chief Collection was developed with the help of Easy Anti-Cheat, but no known similarities are available Unlimited.

It is a tragedy for all concerned. Playing against a cheater is not fun and, until these promises come true, things will not go well. In the meantime, 343 Industries encourages players to expose as much fraud as possible through the game. Hello support page. It is not a good system, but it should work so far until a better solution is established.

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