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That was the first thought that popped into my head when I was looking at the new trailer for The Middle Age: War of the Roses. The movie (whose first details were released earlier this month) has a number of things going for it: it’s set in the same time period as the Tudor dynasty, features an ensemble cast that includes none other than James McAvoy and Keira Knightley, and was penned by the creative team behind the delightfully awkward 2014 “dark comedy.” In other words, it has the ingredients to be excellent. Yet there’s also something in the trailer that even The Onion wouldn’t dare publish: a storyline that has absolutely no chance of ever happening. A play on the original dark comedy. A teaser for what you’ll get if you’re unlucky enough to see it. And I’m all for such teasers. I’m all for teasing drama. I’m even okay with a teasing historical drama. But this storyline? This is a downright dangerous tease. While I don’t think the storyline will ever be acted out—I doubt there’s a small cast of noblemen in England who would want to play the Middle Ages version of The Bachelor—let’s just say that it isn’t going to be pretty. Take a look at the synopsis:

“The Middle Ages are a brutal time and no one is safe. Terrorists are threatening to blow up a bus carrying the royal family of Britain. Mercenary King Henry VIII is poised to conquer France in an effort to secure the crown. Torn between loyalty to the crown and the love of his life, a simple servant boy, Lord Percy Percy Percy (James McAvoy), must make a choice that will change the course of history.”


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