Good Resources for Remote Math & Science Lessons

PhET price it’s a great tool that I’ve shared many times over the years. Recently, I was looking at a place where I realized it was his a job search tool now contains filters for remote events. Through this research tool you can find lesson plans designed for teaching and distance learning. You can combine remote filters with any subject, level, and language search filters. Watch this short video to see how it works.

Information on PhET

Mu next video I will show you how to integrate PhET science and math comparisons into your Google Site. Those of you who watch the video will also notice that the images can be reshared through the direct Google Classroom panel.

More PhET illustrations are available for download in PowerPoint formats PhET’s PowerPoint Add-in for free. With Add-in installed you can browse existing measurements and put them in your photos. The measurements apply to your images as they do to the PhET page.

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