'Fortnite' Returns to iOS Through NVIDIA GeForce Now


Apple pushed Fortnite leaving the App Store last year, because what is happening in court, it probably won’t come back anytime soon. But NVIDIA is offering players a new way to play Fortnite on iOS. Starting next week, NVIDIA GeForce Now will launch closed beta which allows you to play Fortnite and other games via the Safari browser.

NVIDIA and Epic Games have promised to make this happen in November 2020, so it has been a long time coming. Obviously, the two companies had to make new adjustments to make it Fortnite and other functions work in the mobile Safari browser, which may have contributed to the delay.

However, those who have joined the NVIDIA cloud gaming console will open Anacrusis, Supraland Six Inche Pansi, Galactic Development 3, and Ready or Not in addition to Fortnite. This is all a console and PC game (save Fortnite) which cannot be played on a mobile phone without GeForce Now or any other cloud game application.

NVIDIA GeForce Now beta game for mobile games will be launched next week for Android and iOS users. If you want to have a beta, you can Join the waiting list on the NVIDIA page. All members of GeForce Now can sign up to join this beta, including those with free accounts.

Source: NVIDIA

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