Flickto public sale goes live on ADAX

Flicto, a blockchain project that focuses on creating community-based open spaces, has continued to promote the development of its FLICK brand. It recently announced the launch of its IDO on the popular ADAX launch team. According to Flickto, its launch is huge and exposes everyone to new things.

Flicto IDO Details

IDO on ADAX is the second public sale announced by Flickto and will take place over three days. The sale will see 330,0000,000 FLICK tokens being sold to the community at the expected sale. IDO will run from 11 to 14 January.

ADAX holders have already benefited greatly from IDO when they received the opportunity to purchase FLICK tokens. The initial round was largely recorded with $ 50,000 raised from the sale of the brand.

The public sale, which began on January 11, provides an opportunity for depositors to obtain FLICK tokens at the best possible market price. The whole process is straightforward, and anyone with an ADA can create an account for the volunteers Flicto IDO launchpad and purchase FLICK tokens.

Those who are unable to participate in the IDO can receive FLICK tokens by submitting their ADA Flicto ISPO (First Staking Offering). In addition, VyFinance users can also place their VyFi NFTs in the ISPO to receive additional rewards.

Flickto has set its price tag at $ 0.009 for a public sale, and has a strong cap of $ 2,970,000.

Promoting the future of the media industry

Flickto provides a way to streamline existing business processes by placing options and money in the hands of local people. It uses Cardano, a high-density blockchain with fast speed and low cost electricity in its design.

Manufacturers and developers can sign up to receive cash from Flickto. Flickto community members can vote for projects that want to raise money by writing FLICK tokens. Well-funded projects are funded, and each participant is encouraged from future distribution items from a media project.

Flickto also has a unique version of Flickonomics that is the difference between crypto, media and business. It is a unique branch of knowledge about the creation, use and transfer of resources in the media.

In addition, they can receive rewards in FLICK tokens when placing their goods during voting. In addition, community members can put their ADA signs on Flicto ISPO for guaranteed rewards.

Since its inception, more than 4 million ADA tokens have been placed on the ISPO list by more than 500 delegates. Flickto also partnered with the blockchain project VyFinance to increase user requirements.

More is expected in the future

The Flickto team consists of blockchain experts and financial companies. It is operated in the UK, with a crypto-friendly environment and strong data protection laws. The blockchain project for community groups has well-known roads and plans to launch the Beta program in Q1 2022.

To learn more about Flicto, go to the following links.

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