Fascinating Video Shows How Brain Cells in a Culture Dish Try to Form Connections with Each Other

Many scientific textbooks contain pictures of brain cells connecting, but have you ever seen that happen in real life? Prior to that, the links between neurons are called synapses, and these are connections between one cell and another. A brain cell, or neuron, is made up of a large body with tiny protruding cables. In communication, a single neuron, a transmitter, uses a very thin axis called the axon. read more about video and bonus.

The second neuron, the receptor, is able to receive connections with its main body, or on the edges of the cords that protrude like a tree, called dendrites. When the axon tip of the transmitter connects to the receiver, it is known as the synapse. Neurons are electrically charged, so if an electrical signal passes through an axon, its point releases neurotransmitters into the synapse. This then signals the receiving cell to either activate its own signal, which sends a signal to another neuron in the cell, or to tell the cell to shut down.


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Bonus Video

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