EU's Borrell contradicts Germany on Russia gas pipeline

EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell has argued with Germany that the future of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas bomb is in line with developments in Ukraine.

“Certainly, the effectiveness of this project will depend on the development of the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s mindset,” he said after meeting with EU security ministers in Brest, France, on Thursday (13 January).

“You would not think that we are considering a single option to impose sanctions [on Russia] perhaps, and, on the other hand … the opening of the architecture, “he added.

“It is related to the war situation in Ukraine, it is very clear,” he added.

But the agreement was not immediately clear to French security minister Florence Parly, who responded to a reporter’s question by saying that France and Germany were trying to revive the so-called Normandy Format peace talks with Russia in Ukraine.

“I do not want to show that I do not answer this question,” he added.

And there was no connection between the German security minister, Christine Lambrecht, in an interview with a German journalist RBB earlier in the day.

“We should not [Nord Stream 2] this conflict, “he said.

“We need to resolve this conflict, and we need to resolve it in the negotiations – it is an opportunity that we have right now, and we must use it instead of linking to projects that have nothing to do with the conflict,” he added. .

The idea came from the Lambrecht central party to the left of the SPD in the ruling coalition, whose former leader, Gerhard Schröder, was known to have worked to strengthen the Russian people after resigning.

And it was re-released by SPD general secretary Kevin Kuehnert earlier this week.

“We have to stop [pipeline dispute] behind us sometime, “he said.

“Everything in me is at odds with the idea of ​​an ongoing conflict just to create a controversial project,” he added, quoting a Russian statement – that the US wants to approve Nord Stream 2 to export more gas to Europe. .

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also said Thursday it was “nonsense” to connect Nord Stream 2 to Ukraine and that it was “a commercial venture”.

But this is not the case in Ukraine, the US, or the eastern part of the Nordic EU, which claims to help Russia fight Ukraine without fear of damaging its gas supplies to the EU, many of which pass through Ukraine’s pipelines.

And this will help Russia eliminate Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states in the future, without harming Germany, he says.

For Yuriy Vitrenko, Ukraine’s top gas distributor, Naftogaz, the EU should suspend Nord Stream 2 to show that Russia is acting “rigorously” on its military bases around Ukraine.

And it should also accept Nord Stream 1, a Russian-German gas pipeline that has been running for years, in the event of a war.

“If there is any violence on the Russian side, they should talk about Nord Stream 1,” he told US reporter CNBC on Thursday.

For its part, the US is currently considering two separate lawsuits over how to close Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine.

“As far as we are concerned, it is very difficult to see the gas pass through the pipeline or to start working if Russia resumes violence in Ukraine,” US Deputy Secretary-General Wendy Sherman said Wednesday, following Nato-Russia talks in Brussels.

Borrell, on Thursday, also said that Nord Stream 2 did not like the EU because it would increase confidence in Russia even in the absence of war.

But he said the secret aid project would be free to continue if German and EU authorities provided green light, in the event that it is expected in the coming months.

“We are in a position of political responsibility to comply with the law and we will do what the regulators decide,” he said.

“The reform process here is in the hands of the German Bundesnetzagentur [the EU] they will be asked to express their views once they have made a valid decision, “an EU spokesman told EUobserver.

The German superintendent has four months from September 9th [2021] to give his verdict, but in the meantime he has time to wait for more information to be sent, we hope, “he added.

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