Eroc launches new affordable M1 Air Fryer for millennials living independently

Eroc Philippines, a type of e-commerce home appliance, is bringing a new and affordable kitchen item to the local market – the Eroc M1 Air Fryer. The new oven features a heat sink and a pressure cooker that makes cooking easier and more efficient.

Eroc’s new smart kitchen appliance makes cooking easy for all your family members. With a capacity of 5.5 liters, you can serve food for 8 people!

Many Filipinos now want to have their own home. Instead, experts predict that real estate will be driven by millenniums and years to come. And for every new homeowner, giving away a home is as fun as buying it. This is why Eroc ensures that thousands of Filipino millennials have access to weapons that do not increase their moving costs. But in addition to the affordable prices, the use of air conditioners like Eroc’s M1 comes with some great benefits for millennials living alone.

One-spin air fryer

Thousands of active start-ups in the metro are in need of kitchen equipment that will enable them to live in their new homes. This means the need for smart tools that do not come with large manual notes that are difficult to digest.

Find an easy-to-use kitchen appliance with an Eroc central knob that uses M1 temperature controller. The ergonomic design of the device makes traveling easier.

The Eroc M1 Air Fryer has an ergonomic design that allows for smooth and fast handling. It has an intermediate coil that is used to monitor the intelligent temperature of the M1. After one spin, users can leave the fryer and work on other items in their list.

Adjusting temperature sensitivity

Users of the Eroc M1 Air Fryer need not worry about too much cooking. This smart kitchenware comes with an excellent function called smart temperature control that monitors temperature in real time. Several temperature sensors are well-placed inside the air fryer which allows the smart device to heat up to a lower temperature, thus cooking food uniformly faster.

Nothing happened in the kitchen? Eroc’s M1 Air Fryer is a smart kitchen start-up and heat-reducing device that minimizes the possibility of cooking or baking your dishes.

What also distinguishes the Eroc M1 Air Fryer is its compactness of the pressure cooker space made possible by its well-sealed hole. When the user pushes the fried basket and closes the burner, its 1400W heating power is adjusted to focus more on the cooked food, and fries it to perfection.

It is also a plus that the Eroc M1 Air Fryer comes with recipes on its top cover thus eliminating the need to review cookbooks and instructional videos before cooking. Very helpful.

A healthy approach

Air burners come with many advantages that have made them the top of their favorite kitchen appliances by millennials and Gen Zs. to him.

Good food should not come with bad health effects. With Eroc’s M1 Air Fryer, get the perfect scent in any dish without oil.

Reducing the use of fats in cooking reduces calorie and fat intake. This allows users to cut down on unhealthy fats so that they can better manage their weight. And in a country where high blood pressure continues to be a major cause of death, avoiding highly fried foods is highly recommended.

Younger but more capable

Shopping malls in commercial areas do not come with many locations. As a result, thousands of years of buying new homes require equipment that does not take up much space but can still carry out the task. The Eroc M1 Air Fryer is one-fifth the size of a wall-mounted oven. Its size also makes it cook faster without the initial heat thus reducing energy consumption. It also has a capacity of 5.5L, which can accommodate up to five or eight party meals.

Water-based paint wash and sanitize

Everyone loves to eat but no one likes to clean up after themselves – and that is the truth of the gospel. That is why those who live a fast-paced life, such as athletes for the millennium, need equipment that is easy to clean – and the Eroc M1 Air Fryer is.

Due to the use of approved “Paint-based Paint” on the basket and fried tray, the Eroc M1 Air Fryer does not come with all cleaning problems. Water-based paints prevent oil and other substances from sticking to the joints of the fried basket and tray – easy to wash and clean.

Strong enough for years to come

Millennials really care about their finances. They carefully choose the things they will do and the things that will benefit them in the long run. This has challenged brands around the world to come up with products that offer value for money and longevity.

The entire Eroc M1 Air Fryer build, for example, was professionally designed to withstand temporary tests. It has a matte-finish exterior made of precious plastic and its electrical cord is thicker and longer than its competitors. Finally, the M1 Air Fryer fried basket is made of very heavy metal. Eroc M1 Air Fryer has been tested by accredited organizations worldwide, receiving accreditation from the European Union (EU) Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation; and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.

The kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where celebrations and special events begin. Having a smart kitchen is sent to heaven for every ‘chef’ who has just started living their life in their new home, which is why good and affordable cooking companions like the Eroc M1 Air Fryer are worth adding to the countertop.

Price and availability

Eroc M1 Air Fryer is available at an official brand store on Lazada and Shopee effective January 19, 2022, with a retail price of PHP3,999.

However, as part of the larger implementation of the brand, it will be available for the first PHP1,999 only from January 19-20. Eroc will be again every week Facebook opportunities to film on EROC Philippines effective January 17, when customers get the chance to win the Eroc M1 Air Fryer for free.

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