Djokovic, minister reveal their cases ahead of court showdown

In a statement filed with the court on Saturday, Djokovic’s lawyer argued that Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s decision to cancel Friday’s visa was “unwise, unreasonable and unreasonable”.

In the meantime, part of Mr Hawke’s dispute will be Djokovic’s presence Australia “could promote anti-vaccine attitudes” and disrupt national vaccination policies.
Novak Djokovic has been remanded in custody. (Nine)
Djokovic pa the lawyer wants to argue that the minister had never considered the possibility that deporting a Serbian person to Australia would lead to anti-vaccination ideas as the minister said it could happen if he was allowed to stay in the country.

Hawke said Djokovic was “known by some as the charm of an anti-vaccine group”.

But Djokovic’s lawyer says the allegations are based on “just a few lines he said two years ago”.

Hawke made the remarks in April 2020 “before the COVID vaccines” in which Djokovic said he was “opposed to the vaccine”, and in another case in which the Serbian stated that he did not want to be coerced by someone to take the “vaccine” to run or compete in the competition.

Afterwards, Djokovic’s lawyer said the minister did not think the dismissal of the player “according to the few lines he said two years ago could also trigger anti-vaccine sentiments”.

Djokovic’s lawyer also said that the actor was “at low risk” of contracting the disease from others, had a medical reason for not getting vaccinated, entered Australia with a lot of records, “did not try to violate any Australian laws, had a good reputation, and was known for his work. its compassionate “.

The minister’s written statement states that he considers “Djokovic’s presence in Australia to be detrimental to the health of Australian people, as his presence in Australia may promote anti-vaccine attitudes”.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.
Immigration Minister Alex Hawke. (Nine)

The minister said this could lead to:

  • “An increasing number of vaccines are being developed in the Australian outback, leading some to reject vaccines or refuse to receive additional vaccines.”
  • “Strengthening the minds of a few Australians who do not have the COVID-19 vaccine.”
  • “People are thinking of refusing to get a stimulant vaccine.”
  • “Non-vaccinated people get very sick and / or pass it on to others.”
  • “Increased energy implications for health care in Australia.”

In his remarks, Hawke also said he had noticed that Djokovic had shown “disregard for the need for isolation after receiving the positive results of COVID-19”.

The minister added that Djokovic had gone to interviews and photographs with a French magazine Team on December 18 though he had hoped for COVID-19.

“Given Djokovic’s reputation as a role model and role model, his presence in Australia could also encourage disregard for safety precautions after receiving a COVID-19 rebate in Australia.”

It has also been suggested that Djokovic’s presence in Australia could lead to the country becoming embroiled in an anti-vaccination campaign, “which could lead to an increase in the number of genocides that have already occurred in Australia and meetings and demonstrations”.

In the case of Djokovic ‘misrepresentation on his Australian Travel Declaration form that he did not go 14 days before arriving in Australia, the minister said one of Djokovic’s aides issued an official statement that the incorrect information was incorrect.

The minister said he thought the allegations were true.

Coles Eastgardens

How Australia dealt with the emergence of the Omicron brand

Djokovic’s lawyers have challenged the case before the Federal Circuit Court from 9.30am tomorrow, and the trial is set to end tomorrow, with the Australian Open before Monday.

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