Des grèves paralysent les chemins de fer britanniques, le personnel de la BA vote pour le débrayage Par Reuters


© Reuters. PHOTO DE DOSSIER: Des gens manifestent devant at the international center of St Pancras on the first day of the national high school in London, Great Britain, on 21 June 2022. REUTERS / Henry Nicholls


LONDRES (Reuters) – Designed by the British Railways for the day-to-day operation of British Airways voting for one of the most influential nonprofit corporations that pays a fair face.

A flurry of activity on the nourishment and sustainability of the nominee budgets on the banks of the oceans, enumerating the syndicats and exaggeration of the surplus and evacuation for other members. The government has applied for a salaried moderation for the invasion of a new inflation rate.

The British ferroviaire is a prestigious Russian parade of 40,000 travelers on Sunday in the grandeur of the world, with some of the syndicaux, the societal expiation of ferroviaire and the government on demands’ face. Augmentations de salaire pour suvre le rythme de la flambée de l’inflation et une promesse de ne pas supprimer des emplois.

The passersby are not required to use the trains in the same way as the absolute responsibility for the rest of the week, except for the environment of the service on the unit. Syndicats ont mis en garde contre plus d’action à moins qu’un accord ne puisse être conclu.

“Nous continuerons à parler aux entreprises de tout ce qui a etté mis sur la table et nos examinerons cela et verrons si et quand il doit y avoir une nouvelle phase d’action revendicative”, dclaré Mick Lynch, secretary general du Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), reported on BBC.

“If you do not understand the rules, the estranged probable prob’il y en aura. »

Because of the pouring of the floods in the courtyard, a triumphal procession of the game is due on Saturday. The signatories, the travelers of la santé and d’autres industries se dirigent également vers une action revendicative dans ce que les syndicats disent pourrait ètre un «été de mécontentement».

Employees of British Airways in Heathrow in London to vote in the air surveillance on the airfield, to oversee the periturbations of the airport and beyond the Grande-British territories on a diversified territories for travel. , l’industrie ayant déjà du mal à faire face aux pénuries de personnel.[L8N2YA483]

The government has cracked down on the terms of the chemists, the qualifiers for contre-producers and the dommageables for the people in the faible revents that have passed the transports publics and have not passed travailler to domicile.

“It is possible for the genes to be determined to meet the table and predict the problem,” said Premier Prime Minister Boris Johnson through Rwanda, who also helped the Commonwealth region. “I have always had hundreds of thousands of people at the chemistry of the mine to make a difference in the chemistry of the mine, and it is something that has always been a terrible thing. »

Ministries envisagent également de modifier une loi qui faciliterait l’utilisation de personnel temporaire par les entreprises, dans le but de minimiser l’impact des grèves.

«Unne fois de plus, les syndicats tiennent le pays en otage en paralysant des services publics et des entreprises cruciaux. The situation in the middle of the night is very difficult, “said the secured secretary at Affaires, Kwasi Kwarteng.

“The restrictions of ces restrictions of the 1970s have not been approved by the accelerated and accelerated liberalization of the right person, to allow permissible auxilies of the continents to see through the interruptions to maintain the economy and marche. »

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