Cryptoday 060 – Review (Tagalog)

Kuti Past Cryptoday, I wrote about the difficulties I went through to get and use the debit card. I face a variety of challenges each way: from opening an account, verifying ID, even customer support. (Instead, the only active site is the $ CRO staking feature). Now that I can use this card, I can share my comment with you.

This idea was translated into Tagalog by Hans Doringo of BitPinas from Luis Buenaventura II. Cryptoday Column here. The Cryptoday’s Tagalog translations published one or two days after the English Bible was released. Luis is the Philippine manager at the Yield Guild Games, co-founder of BloomX, a licensed exchange in the Philippines, and co-founder of Cryptopop Art Guild. For any comments and questions, please write to Luis directly Twitter.

What is a Crypto Debit Card?

First, let’s talk about the concept of crypto debit card.

We know there is nothing new with cards. I first received two crypto-backed debit cards from Xapo and ANX back in 2014. Of the two, I went through the same thing: you had to put your crypto in their wallet program, and then, convert some of the contents into fiat (usually in USD) before it was sold .

Since almost all of my money is in crypto, I can’t explain how the cards can be used. It allows you to take your fiat money as your “budget” while continuing to earn crypto “money” in the same program.

But Xapo and ANX had just started using crypto debit cards, and eventually all of those original cards were eliminated. In the past, crypto was known as the black market, so many of the previous cards were abandoned due to many legal issues. Debit Card

But now it is 2021 and crypto companies are buying stadiums., on the other hand, became very aggressive: they named Matt Damon as their chief ambassador in their “Fortune Favors the Bold” campaign.

Their debit card differs from the old idea in two ways.

First, if you want a card with good features, it is recommended that you purchase a few $ CRO tokens and lock them in for about six (6) months. Second, the benefits are so great that it can be said that this is the best card in the world for the people of the Philippines.

I will try to be straightforward by sharing my experience with, not because I want to brag, but because it will help you explain why I love this card.

In early October, I decided to invest $ 4,000 in a $ CRO to get a Jade Green midfield card. It has a 6-month closure, so you need to think carefully before you “invest” more money. In those days, $ CRO was $ 0.18. Debit Card Verification Card

When I closed my account, I went through a long process of reassuring customers that my account had been upgraded to a credit card. After some difficult customer discussions, I found my fully verified account and credit card that had just been released. The whole process took about 6 weeks, and I was about to add some parts to the process.

By the time my credit card was unlocked, $ CRO was $ 0.40, so I doubled my expectations unexpectedly. After announcing their purchase of our rights at the Staples Center in the US, $ CRO met with the beginning of a “cow run” continuously. This morning, $ CRO was over $ 0.80, so I doubled my income, because I wanted to try out a credit card. Debit Card Rewards

Let’s talk about some of them. The highlight here is the $ CRO Rewards, which is basically a real refund. Each time you use a Green debit card, at any rate, you will receive a 3% instant refund on CRO tokens. If you go up to the top of the Gold or White cards, the refund will go up by 5%. And really, if you want to put $ 400,000 into the Obsidian segment, it ‘s like you are getting a 11/11 discount every day for a year.

Because the refund is real time, you can convert it into stablecoin (or for me, $ BTC in its most recent dip) right in the app, anytime you want.

And of course, there are other things: Netflix and Spotify are free in the Green tier, while in the top categories, Amazon Prime and the big discount on Expedia for frequent travelers are included.

Now, let’s talk about some of the disadvantages. The debit card seems to work best in all the places I’ve tried to use it (in various restaurants at BGC, Samsung Store at SM Aura, and even at Petron gas stations).

But this is not always reliable when shopping online. I did not open it at the Apple Store or online Lazada, but it worked when I made a reservation in a hotel room and bought wireless voice. I spent a week chatting with clients to find out the root and root of everything. So far, the only thing I can say for sure is that it works in POS locations as well as in retail stores. is currently experiencing significant growth, so I would like to remind you that it may take 2 to 3 times to wait to resolve your support concerns. Finally, I can say that the credit card is the best when it works well.

Crypto Market price

A brief review of the latest market trends!

Bitcoin has been slow to break $ 60k after its immersion last week, with some markets experiencing recurrence. This seems to be the reason Mt Gox, the name still appears with Bitcoin OGs as the site of the first major corporate stupidity.

In 2014, the Mt Gox exchange collapsed after it was reported that 850,000 BTC had been stolen from its assets. A court in Japan has been trying to fix things since it collapsed, and later this month, it appears the system is approved to reimburse customers who have lost Bitcoins in recent years. That’s a lot of $ BTC money that could flood the market, from customers who have been suffering for almost 8 years.

Blessed week to you, crypto friends! See you in December!

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