Community spirit alive and well

International long distance runner Emma Timmis in Ashburton: “The biggest thing that was the most beautiful of the whole trip was the spirit of the community.”

It’s not uncommon for a male journalist to ask a woman in an interview, but I couldn’t help but smile.

I did not worry that we were in front of people. I just had to watch Emma Timmis’ feet closely.

So I knelt down to look for obvious signs – blisters, swelling, lack of toenails, deformities like a hobbit that probably gave him genetics though. But nothing. Nothing can be seen through his recovery conditions as we chatted in Ashburton.

Well, there is no clear indication that Timmis last week completed a doubtful New Zealand tour in just 21 days, setting a new Guinness World Record record and clearing the previous record with 14 days running from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

The Kaiapoi artist, from England, used to walk more than 100km a day, ranging daily from 4.30am to 5.30am and ending at about 7 each night. In short, he ran about two and a half marathon days for 21 days in a row, ending at Stirling Point in Bluff in the middle of last Friday night.

For someone who has difficulty running to the milk, this is amazing, but, strangely enough, Timmis does not feel any pain and stiffness.

He has what he calls a “hole” under his right foot and a tendon or ligament problem on the same leg but it is the same, except for some swelling.

Running on the camber and on the side of the road helped him injure his right leg, but then such a lack of strength and stiffness means that his extraordinary performance did not go unnoticed.

“I don’t feel like I’ve run too fast,” he told Ashburton as he paused on his way home, but this time with camper and teammate Tristan Phipps.

“I feel as if I’ve been beaten so badly that I have been injured. I feel like he’s being chased away but I don’t feel any pain. It ‘s a strange feeling.’ ‘

The whole run was a wonderful idea for them because, well, it’s not a strange thing to do.

But there has never been a time when Timmis felt he had failed to improve and he blindly rushed to break his reputation and achieve his goal of getting health care funding.

His great endurance running – he started at the age of 12 – means that the 37-year-old knows what his body can do.

This was not the first time a Derby-born athlete had tested himself. In 2015, he and a colleague performed a workout across the Netherlands.

Last year, she ran across Africa – a distance of 3974km equivalent to marathon 94 – in just 89 days.

Prior to that, she became the first woman to run the 2400km Freedom Trail across South Africa in 2011.

However, despite having that culture, he still remembered that his body could not get tar in State Highway 1.

“Obviously if I had to force myself to be destroyed for a long time in my body, then I would have given up,” she said.

“I hope the whole of New Zealand would understand this.

But there was a lot of pressure, especially when people donated money to your charity and showed that they trusted you. “

Hundreds have demonstrated their support by providing mental health care services to the mentally ill, Youthline in New Zealand and Young Minds in the United Kingdom.

Mental health remained very close to Timmis, who suffered from depression for three years when he thought his running days were over because of a leg injury.

Timmis was aiming to raise $ 21,000 and had already done well, with a lot of money coming from selling equipment and accessories.

But, for now, it was all about breathing and wanting to be assured that his 20-day, 17-hour and 17-minute record has been approved by Guinness World Records.

Timmis should send running videos and photos, GPS details and receipts for items purchased on the trip to make sure they were in towns and cities. And after that? More running either?

See the laughter.

And more.

“Ah, no running.

“Not yet,” he said, showing his wisdom, if not his feet, were part of it.

– Author Daryl Holden

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