Civil Protection acknowledged by Orihuela Ayuntamiento

City Fire Brigades celebrated this Saturday with an important role played by Civil Protection in the city.

At a ceremony in the city, Councilor Víctor Valverde welcomed the participants and highlighted “the need for cooperation between the various urban areas and security agencies and emergency agencies during the current epidemic, so that assistance can be provided to those most in need.”

After receiving the newly registered volunteers they provided new volunteers and team leaders.

Civil Protection thanked the organizations that contributed significantly during the first months of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Social Welfare department, the occupational safety department, the Orihuela and Torrevieja health department, the Orihuela Red Cross. , Forest Firefighters (S + EM), Alicante Firefighters Consortium (Orihuela), Orihuela Local Police, Autonomous Police, Orihuela Civil Guard, Orihuela National Police and Ministry of Defense.

Positive medals were awarded to members of the Civil Protection for their dealings with COVID-19. Recipients were: José Andúgar, Ramón Rodríguez, Eduardo F. Zapata, Víctor M. Martínez, Francisco Riquelme, Francisco Martínez, Carlos Mestre, Alba Selma, Ginés Sánchez, Alejandro Sampere, Samuel Lizón and Celestino Rodríz.

Finally, there was a tribute to volunteer Gema Calderón, who passed away last year, and his relatives found him, thanks to his work on the head of the Civil Protection Group at DANA 2019.

The mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, closed the event and said in a statement that he praised “the dedication of all successful winners, especially the Civil Protection volunteers, who are the hallmarks of other teams for their good work in the epidemic.”


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