Angels – Another amazing release for the ZX Spectrum by ZOSYA entertainment

ZOSYA (team) entertainment has produced some of the best games of all time, games such as Drift !, Valley of Rains and Travel Through Time Volume 1 that have been featured on Indie Retro News. Well it looks like he hasn’t finished with a special team yet. As a result of another headline through Saberman, we have just been told that they will be releasing a top ZX Spectrum game called Angels; The combination of Beat ’em up (odd dimensions) and Vertical scrolling shooter with animated animations, more details and much more!

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You are in the 48K mode, you get the full game with one add-on after the third installment. In the 128K movement both of them have two foreign girls serving their sentences on Earth, fighting crime. this game’s modified version uses some extras: additional enemy types, various punches, cutscenes, effects, AY game songs, high start and final cut and much more! Then yes if you have ZX Spectrum you owe it to yourself to play this amazing game from ZOSYA fun!

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