2 women batter opponent in MMA rumble featuring ex-pornstar (VIDEO)

The fierce competition of the female team and the trash featuring a beautiful viewer, pornographer and representative of the Russian president were some of the most successful games.

Two women pushing a woman into a cage as well as a fight between men and women involving a larger blogger are featured on an MMA card that included the victory of senior and politician Elena Berkova.

The Ukrainian-Russian activist Berkova, who has announced his candidacy for the 2018 Russian presidential election as part of a major campaign that included major films and pop music, described his struggle with Irishka Chiki-Pika over a card in Moscow as. “Epic”.

This seems like a fitting description of the game’s proponents, which included another two-dimensional battle of the two. “brave and fearless warriors”, called the Epic Fighting Championship (EFC).

The tag-team battle is said to have consisting of four women, although pictures appeared to show two fighters fighting with one enemy, which apparently resulted in a severe beating of the winners.

The war between Alexander Pistoletov and the famous Sasha Mamaha became a rivalry.

Pistoletov looked good on top of Mamaha in the third and final round, shutting down his arch-rival as he sought victory.

One of Mahama’s followers watched intently, then step into the barn to create an uproar.

The attacker was stopped and removed from the curtain by the guards, and their plan failed when Pistoletov received permission.

Mahama is said to have challenged the outcome, persuading judges and Pistoletov to make the war a fourth stage.

Mamaha then won the race at the end of the wild show, stop-start.

EFC called Berkova’s bout “legendary” and said the two-way war was the first of its kind among women.

Followers who have never seen the distraction in person were asked to look at the ads again. YouTube video, whereas every fight was started with information about the lives of their opponents.

“The time for global garbage has arrived,” EFC will say on their Instagram page. “The show is not allowed to be shown.”

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