15 NFL experts make their playoff predictions: Why Super Bowl picks are all over the board

I am game time in the NFL, and all 14 teams have a chance to win Super Bowl LVI. It starts this week with five wild games, the winners before joining the Packers and Titans in the semi-finals next week. Anything can happen in NFL games. Just ask the Buccaneers, who won the Super Bowl last year from 5 NFC seedlings, and won three road games going head-to-head. How have they been in the next few weeks? Will the loved ones do what they expected, or will the boss remove the disappointments that would not have happened?

We asked 15 of our NFL experts to make a clear statement about the entire postseason and what will happen in the games leading up to the Super Bowl. Which team is the best team to win, and who can help them get there? Will it be Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or someone leading in NFC? And will the Titans leave many AFC talented teams? Let’s take a look at the playoffs for this season, and start with how the team at the top of the AFC progresses.

Are the Titans the biggest competitors in the AFC?

Sam Acho, NFL player: I repeat my mid-season choice. After three wins to end the season and a 12-5 record, Tennessee will reach the Super Bowl. And it is not the only number one seed. I got the Packers and Aaron Rodgers to meet the Titans in the biggest games of the year.

Stephania Bell, NFL legend: The Titans will win the AFC Tournament with a major victory after their return to Derrick Henry. For those who would scoff at the idea of ​​a modern error near the bottom of the league in the number of games heading to the Super Bowl, can I show you the 2018 Patriots? Yes, he had this guy named Tom Brady, but he also ran the ball 43.1% of the time, the fifth in the league that year. The 2021 Titans raced at 46.1% of the game, and did so without Henry half of their game seriously injured foot. Henry’s return adds strength to their running game as well as the high risk of a red spot (10 TDs before injury), which will be a lot more for the Titans ’AFC opponents.

Jeremy Fowler, NFL writer / journalist: Henry will start where he left off and lead the playoffs fast. The star usually has two months to rest his legs before the postseason, mostly 247-pounds back and 2,000-yard season on his CV. The No. 1 seed for the Titans struggled with injury and is ready for the January ball, which means Henry will touch the ball 20 times or more. I don’t know if I’m ready to install it Ryan Tannehill in the Super Bowl, but this team has the ingredients to get behind Henry, the receiver AJ Brown and the protection of chance.

Can the Bill or Chiefs return to the AFC Championship?

Dan Graziano, NFL writer / journalist: Bills will play in the Super Bowl. This is a team that has been together for some time now, and has struggled with the loss of last year’s AFC Championship Game in Kansas City and is desperate for a chance to get back on track. The December 26 games in Foxborough, Massachusetts, dramatically changed their season. Running backwards Devin Singletary he told me, “We knew we had what we needed to get where we wanted to go, but the game just gave us confidence and made us feel hungry.” The Bills running game is in a much better position than it was this season last season, which should help offensive lineman Brian Daboll avoid the trap of being one-sided. And I don’t think people appreciate how safe their security is under Leslie Frazier. I know it was for the Jets and their season was over (Week 18), but having another football team up to 53 yards off the game is a real thing. The team is well-trained, self-confident, has a season-fighting game in the league and has been preparing for this for a number of years now. I say they put it in.

Jason Reid, executive writer at The Undefeated: Kansas City go into the third Super Bowl in a row by defeating Tennessee at the AFC Championship in Tennessee. The loss of the 34-31 lane to Cincinnati in Week 17 ruined Kansas City planting at the No. 1 conference. But there are a lot of Chiefs favorites, starting with the quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The winner has learned to be very patient this season as the teams are content to play Cover 2 and don’t bother him too often, hoping to avoid a big game that described his career history. But a major change for the Chiefs took place in defense. More often than not as the team started 3-4, the Kansas City defense provided the basis for their victory in eight games. Meanwhile, the Chiefs conceded fewer points in the game (12.9) and took the lead (21) in the NFL.



Marcus Spears thanks Andy Reid for the work he has done coaching the Chiefs this season.

Seth Walder, author of analytics: The winner of the Bills-Chiefs game wins the Super Bowl. On ESPN Football Power Index (FPI), are the second and third best teams in the league, respectively. The Bill boasts the best difference in the league and the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes on the quarterback – perhaps the biggest sign of deep play. And I’m still a believer in Tampa Bay, and with the FPI team number 1, the artist is unaware that of the three best recipients the Bucs started this season with. Mike Evans still healthy and on the menu.

What can we expect from the Cowboys and Bengals?

Matt Bowen, NFL champion: Cowboys Defense Jayron Kearse will be the difference makers in the playoffs. Dallas has players on Dan Quinn’s three defensive teams at Demarcus Lawrence, Mika Parsons and Trevon Diggs. But do not forget about Kearse. He is a tall, consistent defender with a wide range of systems, and in Quinn’s heaviest system, Kearse is the strongest player. Kearse First: the 49ers’ George Kittle.

Mike Clay, NFL champion: The Cowboys and Bengals have each won a number of playoff games and are eligible to represent their team in the Super Bowl. Dallas is number 1 in the league in the Football Outsiders’ DVOA, the fifth in scoring goals and the sixth in the number of touchdowns allowed. The Cowboys have one of the deepest and most talented cases in the league, as well as a surprise defense. And the Bengals are playing their best football this season, and if they beat the strikers and things go awry, their approach to the head game could include a trip to Tennessee in the region and start again with the Chiefs team they defeated throwing. up by 34 points two weeks ago. With strong defense and quarterback Joe Burrow playing at a high level, Cincinnati could have a shot to win all three games.

Eric Moody, fiction writer: The Bengals will arrive at the Super Bowl. In Weeks 16 and 17, Burrow ran 971 yards and hit five times, helping Cincinnati head to AFC North. With a good power, QB that wins under pressure to overcome a frustrating middle-class game, an error that involves three people receiving skills (Ja’Marr Chase, By Higgins and Tyler Boyd) threatening direct opponents with a defense that could use constant pressure with only four linemen, Bengal has all the necessary equipment to compete in the Super Bowl.

Mike Tannenbaum, NFL champion: Dallas will run and win at least two games – and maybe three -. The Cowboys are made for the playoffs and have three selected runners from Lawrence, Parsons and Randy Gregory. If their offensive line is good (especially Tyron Smith), will be the best at mistakes and the best at defense.

Will the Packers have hype?

Doug Kezirian, a sports betting expert: Packers are the ones who like to gamble for good reason. NFC was once seen as a gauntlet, but warts have been associated with inconsistencies and injuries. And the AFC is full of suspicious opponents. I look forward to Green Bay lifting the Lombardi Trophy, as quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still playing the role flawlessly.

Field Yates, NFL champion: The Packers will serve at home this time, and head to the Super Bowl tournament. This is not slow, but the team feels differently from last year’s event which entered the competition with high hopes. It is the fault of Green Bay and the security that can bring back several startups (including pass-rusher To Darius Smith and cornerback Jaire Alexander), count me among those who are expecting Pack to play in the SoFi stadium in mid-February.

Seth Wickersham, NFL writer / journalist: This is just a hunt, but I predict that this will be the last of three future games for Hall of Fame and their current teams. We know the Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger will rest. But I think Tom Brady has, too. And in the end, Aaron Rodgers left Green Bay one season without coming to the Super Bowl.



Domonique Foxworth explains why he sees Aaron Rodgers resigning so quickly and decides to come back later.

Tom Brady’s Bucs back in the Super Bowl?

Anita Marks, magician / sports betting researcher: Will be Bill Belichick vs. Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. The only two games I have been challenged by the Bengals on the Opponents and Leaders on the Steelers. The rest of the matchups oppress me, so I don’t have Jalen Rose’s words: Let’s give people what they want. I think the Patriots are a whole team. He could hit a rock in the fourth quarter on Saturday night against Buffalo, and then look exactly like the Titans and Chiefs on their way to the Super Bowl. And in the NFC, Brady and the Buccaneers could see the Eagles, Rams and Packers on their way to the Super Bowl – and they have a disappointing Green Bay list in the NFC Championship.

Jordan Reid, NFL researcher: Brady helped the Buccaneers become the first repeaters of the Super Bowl since the Patriots in 2004 and 2005 – who also had Brady in the lead. At the age of 44, he was left with just one of the best seasons in his career with over 5,316 yards over and 43 touchdowns. Tampa Bay are on the verge of a three-game winning streak to the playoffs, and although they have not secured a 1st seed, Brady has the necessary experience – even in things to see the Packers at Lambeau Field.

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